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He Didn’t Agree to It in the First Place

I keep running up against something that holds people back spiritually. While I have no hope the world at large is going to hear my voice, I do have some hope the Spirit will confirm to your convictions that what … Continue reading

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Peace in This World Not Possible

I’ve been blessed by some great emails in the past few days. They have provoked me to share something. God created all that is. The Bible is parabolic about the mechanism, but we are given the image of someone who … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: The Trinity

Short answer: Our Radix Fidem covenant is neutral on the doctrine of the Trinity. We are neither for it nor against it. This requires I remind everyone that our covenant is openly anti-western. We don’t believe there is such a … Continue reading

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War on Revelation 01

We need to state some basic lore of truth about how reality works. Keep in mind that our fundamental message is that reality is defined as Creation, what God has made. It should be obvious without having to state that … Continue reading

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Peace versus Absolutism

If this life is all you have, then absolutism makes perfect sense. Just over two years ago I wrote Contextual Justice and it’s been getting a lot of hits lately. I’d like to restate the message in different terms: You … Continue reading

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Fresh Winds

Working on this Project Foul Winds, it helps if we first establish a norm. What’s the good stuff we could have from God? What is the difference between fresh and foul? Let’s outline, because the details are already in my … Continue reading

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Moral Power

Divine justice is reality. It is not a restraint in the sense that you cannot sin, but that you cannot understand what sin is, nor the consequences of sin, without understanding God’s Laws. Everything He did in Creation follows His … Continue reading

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Psalm 8

Not only do we have several modern songs taken from this, but it stands as a prophetic message. Not prophetic in the popular Western notion of literal meanings hidden in the words as if by magic, this hymn asserts fundamental … Continue reading

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