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Recruiting for Conquest

For all intents and purposes, Trump is no longer Trump. The imperialist Borg have subsumed him into their machinations. The only difference now is the petty disagreements among the imperialists as to which coterie of buddies gets to plunder the … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Surprised

Paul had a secular skill as a tent maker. That term referred to a wide array of actual products made from heavy fabrics, leather and rope. As you might expect, he could also do sails and ship rigging. In some … Continue reading

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Non-partisan Support

We don’t encourage activism because it brings you too close to idolatry. It traps you in the Western mode of thinking and material reality. We don’t promote “Christian” virtues as law because it reduces religion to mere legalism. What we … Continue reading

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They Will Say They Had No Choice

Civil war, a revolution, is unavoidable. The biggest problem to understanding this is the false image of a two-party system. The elites have managed to keep the population distracted by a false dichotomy between left and right. While that may … Continue reading

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Cut-off Warning

I find quite plausible this story projecting Internet disruptions. Indeed, the linked article is merely one of the easiest to read, as the warnings are all over the tech sites I read. The problem is that consumers have a bunch … Continue reading

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See the Whole Picture

In concept, debt is an obligation to pay. When too much debt piles up, servicing the debt absorbs economic productivity. There is no growth, so the system begins grinding to a halt. Nobody in their right mind can imagine all … Continue reading

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The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

The single greatest threat to Americans is the CIA. This is a difficult subject because it’s so tightly woven into the very fabric of human existence. On the one hand, spying is essential to human government in our fallen world. … Continue reading

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