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Deconstructing 01

I do not rely on logic to persuade. I lay out the logic of things and trust your own convictions to confirm or deny what I say. There’s a reason for that, of course: If you live by logic and … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Logic Has Its Place

Aristotelian logic is valid for its purpose. It has its place, but that place is not at the top of human awareness. The reason I spend so much time castigating Aristotelian logic is because it has serious limits. It is … Continue reading

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You Know the Drill

This is not so difficult to understand; all I’m doing is voicing what most of you already know. If you’ve read much history at all, you know that Western Civilization is the result of Germanic tribal hordes conquering the last … Continue reading

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Covenant Manhood 06

Men, if you think of yourself in terms of a knight in shining armor, you are serving a pagan god. I’m not going to drag this out; it will be condensed. When the German hordes invaded the Roman Empire starting … Continue reading

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BLDJ: Chapter 6

(Serializing here the draft of my book, Biblical Law: Divine Justice.) 6. Far Away Let’s have just a moment of historical review here. So far as anybody can tell, among the current populations of Europe, the oldest occupants were Celts, … Continue reading

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The Structure of Superstition

Western Christians are easily the most superstitious folks I know. The word “superstition” comes to us from Latin and implies a dread of the supernatural. Thus, much of Christian belief tends to be false, based on the heathen fears passed … Continue reading

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