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Manhood: This Is Mine

I own it. You will own yours, guys, or it won’t be manhood; it’ll be something else. The foundation is the Hebrew Shepherd image of manhood, the sense of calling and dominion, plus the awareness of divine justice via your … Continue reading

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Proverbs 7

Solomon has seen it all. While at her pinnacle the Kingdom of Israel was never large enough to be called an empire, she was the single most stable and prosperous nation in a sea of instability. Previous empires had already … Continue reading

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A Little More on Gamergate

The Elder reminds you: Holiness is voluntary. Our society completely lacks a moral frame of reference consistent with God’s character. Our best is way off on another planet by comparison, so I don’t take seriously anyone’s moral posturing on any … Continue reading

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God’s Revelation on Sex

Let’s talk about sex. Like everything else, sometimes you have to back off completely outside of things in order to line up the proper approach, the proper line of sight so the essence of things becomes clear. Even if you … Continue reading

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More Senseless Comment on Social Inanity

Gamers don’t own the Internet, but they are closely allied with those who do. In the face of genuine masculinity, there is only so much a feminazi can do. Her magical powers fail and she throws a hissy fit. She’d … Continue reading

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Song of Solomon 6

The bride continues conferring with her support network. The maidens ask if the bride knows where her man went. The question refers more to the kind of place, rather than some specific location. The bride answers that he is downright … Continue reading

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Alien Defense

The generator was running smoothly again. It took him the next two days, with some help, to roll the giant fuel bladder close enough to feed the generators. Barring any disasters, it was enough diesel for at least a week … Continue reading

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Wandering Stick

Whatever happened to desiring moral dominance? First, a brief lesson in biblical Hebrew expression. The terms “rod” and “staff” are roughly synonymous. When you read the expression — “thy rod and thy staff” — it refers to a single object, … Continue reading

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But, You Said…

The words are easily less important than tone, context and delivery. That’s the whole point. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say this in the most nerve-grating way. That or, “No, you said…” If the way it comes across stirs anything … Continue reading

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Song of Solomon 1

The primary characters are a king and his bride. She is of noble birth, but presented here as a country girl, familiar with the urban scene, but previously not at home in it. A recurring role is the choir of … Continue reading

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