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Deconstructing 06

On one level, Peace in this world is not possible. Let’s review the underlying assumptions. The human race is fallen. We are born in sin. While children remain morally innocent until a certain point in their development, they do eventually … Continue reading

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Conversion versus Spiritual Birth

Spiritual birth does not take place in this realm. It is a spiritual event tied to the Spirit Realm. You cannot pin it to a time-space location; it simply is or isn’t. It is a miracle entirely on God’s initiative. … Continue reading

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We Know We Need It

Over at Σ Frame Jack has posted a couple of pieces that touch on the question we’ve been trying to answer for quite some time here. 1. Scott’s conclusions on courtship and marriage incubation 2. Called to return from exile … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 23:13-15

Jesus continues His condemnation of the Scribes and Pharisees. This time we examine three short items not often understood very well by Western Christians. Jesus came as the Messiah to restore the ancient ways of the Covenant. His teaching was … Continue reading

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Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

We who share in the Radix Fidem covenant say that churches have gotten lost. Instead of trying to fix this world, we believe the most important thing we do is help people to get out of it. The proper way … Continue reading

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Visualize Glory

Tactics are one thing; aside from broad generalities, it’s hard to teach tactics that will work for you in your personal context. Don’t copy my tactics. Understand how those tactics fit into our shared mission. Strategy is another thing; it’s … Continue reading

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You Won’t Get Out Alive

This world is a pitiful mess at best, and you won’t get out of here alive. So I’ll summarize the nature of my recent sorrows with this workstation. I updated the BIOS from around v.3 to v.14 and the settings … Continue reading

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