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Current News Review 13

The current panic about the corona virus spreading across China, and from there to the rest of the world, is manufactured. The health threat is real, but only because of the long term malnutrition arising from cultural blindness. A polluted … Continue reading

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Predatory Externalization

In the study of economics, we recognize the concept of externalization, wherein major actors in the economy will shift the costs and risks of their activities onto others. So, for example, air pollution shifts some of the costs of production … Continue reading

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Calling It Money

First of all, we can probably agree that crypto-currencies will quite likely become the new “money” for the Networked Civilization. They seem to be on track to displace the various national currencies we use today. If you expect to make … Continue reading

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Transportation Update 3

Rejoice with us! This is Veloyce’s new ride. (That puddle under it was pre-existing.) This one was the best deal — the most for the money and within our means. We got it from Boomer Kia. The salesman was honest … Continue reading

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Laptop Is Funded

Thank you for praying with me on the laptop. I now have enough to cover it. Any further donations will go for accessories, upgrades and to pay for the blog and other accounts. God is good.

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The Mortgage Fraud Is About to Crumble

It’s so huge, I’m wondering how long it will take to finally hit the dirt. I don’t understand high finance and mortgages and banking very well, but I can understand this marvelous explanation of why the mess we have seen … Continue reading

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