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BOHICA on Encryption

First, let’s remind ourselves of the basic principle of government: Nobody has any business poking around in your daily life if they aren’t related by blood or covenant. That comes down from our Creator. So far as I know, no … Continue reading

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Free from Mammon, Free from Fear

The USA must turn inward and prepare to prosper with less trade. Economists are excellent at analyzing what happened historically; they are utterly abysmal at predicting future events. Their logic is relentlessly vacant of moral discernment. That is, they deny … Continue reading

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Constitutional Deception

There are few things more annoying than getting lost in debate with someone who believes the US Constitution is somehow sacred writ. First of all, on a legal level, the Constitution was a coup. It was the product of a … Continue reading

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A Scurrilous Political Rant

First, let me state my excuse for this post: People keep shoving political crap at me in the background. They ask me to use my forum here to promote something they are so sure is God’s will. It’s not. I … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Cycling Post

I’ve had two long rides since my last cycling post. First, I went out to Draper, but wandered a bit on the way. I decided to run past the north end of Tinker AFB. I noted previously that the US … Continue reading

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Serenity in Tribulation

It’s not your concern. When you manage to dismiss from your mind a broad range of things you cannot and should not try to change, it’s much easier to keep a solid grip on that serenity necessary for God’s glory. … Continue reading

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