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Stand in the Lord

A discussion with my beloved reminded me of something. The shepherd man of God does not fit the mainstream social definition of “nice” or even “cooperative.” Once you discard that false sense of obligation, and turn to make Christ your … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 15:1-20

The first few verses give us the context. It refers to the Talmudic ritual hand-washing that the Pharisees had made into a binding customary law. It appears to be one of the oldest and most revered customs in Jesus’ time. … Continue reading

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Conviction versus Guilt

One of Satan’s greatest victories has been the mythology of objective truth. Do you know that the root cause of crippling false guilt is the imagination that you have transgressed some objective standard? That you will have to deal with … Continue reading

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Western Guilt

Put on your Social Science reading cap. Perhaps you recognize that a cultural bias can steer genetics. A social milieu creates a bias that offers better survival rates and transference of genes for those who match the dominant social mythology. … Continue reading

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