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The Real “Sacred Heart”

We have established that teaching Biblical Law always includes the heart-led way of faith in your convictions-as-the-voice-of-God. It’s about God’s Law as a reflection of God Himself, the means by which we get to know Him. But we also know … Continue reading

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Covenant Limitations

Let me share a few notes on Biblical Law. The fundamental frame of reference is both Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) feudalism and covenants. In most biblical references, “law” is simply a bad translation for words that indicate “covenant.” The meaning … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Missed It

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. It gets like that when too many people are chasing outright fantasies. Human nature is fallen; it cannot be amended. The only hope you have in dealing with humanity at large is to … Continue reading

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What Are We Doing?

In order to say more about elders and pastors, it’s necessary to step back just a bit and review what they are doing when working together. Jesus referred to spiritual birth in John 3. But this wasn’t new; He honestly … Continue reading

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War on Revelation 05

We need a lore of truth that becomes our mental reflex. With it we need a body comparisons and contrasts with the current lies. Lies are the nature of this fallen realm of existence. It is not possible to know … Continue reading

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The World versus God

There’s really very little we can do to help this fallen world. All I can do is offer my best moral counsel to those who are members of this Kiln of the Soul parish, who embrace the Radix Fidem covenant. … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 17:9

Several people have asked me how to reconcile our talk here about being heart-led with this verse in Jeremiah. Most English translations go something like this: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? … Continue reading

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