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Tactical Heart

Life is not sacred, but living can be. Because of my service as a Military Policeman, I was indoctrinated in tactical awareness as a pervasive mindset that one never leaves. You crawl into a dark and dismal world, always waiting … Continue reading

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Let’s recall something very important: In Christ we live the paradox of having on the one hand a command to commune with others because it’s the nature of our communion with God. To be one with the Father is to … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 21

It was a good time to take the medium loop out around Draper Lake. At the farthest corner from where I live, I was arrested by the sound of hundreds of migratory birds. They were clustered in the tree tops … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: The Norm of Miracles

Excerpt — Before anyone starts to ask the questions, the answer is mysticism. We can wrap our answers in reason, but the fundamental issue remains, “Thus saith the Lord” who made all things and determines how reality works. Further, He … Continue reading

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Biking in Glory

I’ve been riding this week. The rides weren’t remarkable. Indeed, I went out mostly for the exercise, having no particular complex questions in my mind. I took only a few pictures; these were rides I’ve taken before dozens of times … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 119 — Resh 153-160

(As usual, I’m reposting this in full because of the brevity; original.) This is the path of Divine Dependence. While an English translation of this octet sounds a little repetitious with the rest of the psalm, the emphasis and tone … Continue reading

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No Title Fits This

I love it when friends are willing to stand for what they believe. In a background conversation with someone dear to me, we discussed some issues related to the inauguration ceremony Friday. I was trying to clown a bit, but … Continue reading

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