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Good People?

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. Western minds are obsessed with the question of what defines a good person, and how we become good people. The biblical approach is completely different. The underlying assumption is that there are no … Continue reading

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Guard Your Hearts and Minds

We still need more lore. Some of what I’ve written before seems to warrant a review. Maybe if I say it again differently, it’ll catch on. If you read any kind of epic fiction or watch movies, or maybe play … Continue reading

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The Failure of Evil

The problem with great evil is that it always rests on human frailty. Review: God created all things according to His own moral character. Reality itself is consistent with God’s personality. Second, He created a universe that rests somewhere within … Continue reading

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Sacred Sorrow

I rise today against the heresy that says God won’t bring sorrow into your life. Bad things happen. Without any moral or spiritual consciousness, you are left to rationalize cause and effect as best you can. The possibilities range between … Continue reading

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I Can Read Your Mind

Actually, we can’t even read our own minds. I recall a popular topic for discussion in the very active teenage group at the church I attended. The basic assertion is the Devil can’t read the mind of a born-again soul. … Continue reading

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