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A Ways to Go Yet

I’ve been asked: What would it take for a right-wing backlash to become “God’s work”? Simple — They need to be under a duly formed government. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, given our context. You might expect … Continue reading

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Can’t Take Your Soul

The voices in my head won’t shut up. Today they keep talking about how the COVID relief package is a perfect manifestation of the elite intent to enslave us all. Think about it for a moment. The election debacle should … Continue reading

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Chains as Weapons

This is a little long because I want to draw out all the implications, to ensure no one can miss what I’m saying. The USA is under God’s wrath. It will be destroyed very soon. Preserving and protecting the US … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance Is Pointless

Why do I say that surveillance doesn’t matter? We are Christian Mystics, not criminals seeking to do the works of darkness. While we announce God’s wrath, we make no organized effort to motivate anyone to help that wrath along. We … Continue reading

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The Turning Point in US History

Today is my 64th birthday. According to the standard practices and customs here in the USA, in about 6 months I’m supposed to file for Social Security. It then takes another six months to process the paperwork so that I … Continue reading

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More Praying for Resistance

Giving reminders can be helpful, but there is nothing I can write that will keep you stronger than your own faith. If there is no blazing core of truth burning in your own soul about the massive Orwellian lies the … Continue reading

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If They Will

I was in the OKC area the day the Murrah Building was almost brought down by explosives. I correctly identified the noise and the shock wave that shook the college building in which I stood at the time, as a … Continue reading

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Skepticism Is Still Warranted

Folks, even John Stossel is controlled opposition. If he actually opposed the powers that be, he wouldn’t be allowed in the mainstream media. The libertarianism you see in the media isn’t really opposed to the system that makes them so … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Energy

If you pay any attention at all to the mainstream media, you have already seen the endless pitches to comply with government orders. Not just grudgingly, but the appeals are aimed at making you grateful for the controls. On the … Continue reading

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Take Your Ball and Go Home

The issue will be our refusal to fit into the mythology. I hope by now that regular readers will understand that the heart-led way of faith makes it impossible for us to fit into the left versus right spectrum. We … Continue reading

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