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Radix Fidem Strategy

This kind of post would normally show up on the other blog, but I want maximum dispersion of this message. We don’t generate a strategy; we receive one from God. I can’t speak for you and your faith, but when … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Missed It

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. It gets like that when too many people are chasing outright fantasies. Human nature is fallen; it cannot be amended. The only hope you have in dealing with humanity at large is to … Continue reading

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Celibacy versus MGTOW

Don’t get confused here. Let’s keep this clear: Western Civilization is doomed. It’s doomed because it institutionalizes the Fall. That is, Western Civ is hostile to the heart-led way, to the return to genuine faith. The vast bulk of Western … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Commandos

The threat is very real. [I]n almost every regard, Silicon Valley is on board (or even to the left) of the Democratic party. Most entrepreneurs, the survey found, favor high taxes on the rich, generous social services for the poor, … Continue reading

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Virtual Plowman

We are called to shine the glory of the Lord. In an ideal situation, the whole world would be consciously under the Covenant of Noah. But we don’t live in that world; we live in something very ugly, something God … Continue reading

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They Need Heart-Led

Radix Fidem is our covenant, our approach to doing religion together. The Kiln of the Soul online parish is my implementation of Radix Fidem. Anyone can take the idea of Radix Fidem and run with it; nobody needs my permission. … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Sword

Can you imagine someone like me wishing we could do without the Internet? There are two issues here. One is that a computer is by far the best way to write, and to store what you write. Two is that … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Evangelism

We seek and keep shalom. We live by the Covenant and shalom is the whole point. It’s more than just the blessings granted to obedience; it is obedience itself. Biblical Law is its own reward. It is harmony with reality. … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet

It’s not about making coverts; that is something God alone controls. Rather, we live shalom so that no human has any excuse when they stand before God without Christ. This is our goal: We demonstrate the revelation of a merciful … Continue reading

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Prepare for the Mission

Our plans under the covenant of Radix Fidem have nothing to do with growth in numbers. If that’s going to happen, it must come as a miracle of God. Our mission is to build an identity, even if we are … Continue reading

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