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You Know the Drill

This is not so difficult to understand; all I’m doing is voicing what most of you already know. If you’ve read much history at all, you know that Western Civilization is the result of Germanic tribal hordes conquering the last … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 — Testing, Testing I propose a test. Teaching the mind to follow the leadership of the heart takes time, for those who have never tried it. The full flower is when a firmly held intellectual belief is trumped … Continue reading

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ACBM: Part 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 — Germanic Mythology The actual history of what happened starting from the decline of Rome is not nearly so important as how events shaped Western Civilization. It’s not as if Rome was completely forgotten, but her power and … Continue reading

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My Third Pillar

The title is a reference to my Christian Mysticism HOWTO (now part of a book). Most Westerners really fail to get the concept of a mystic’s disentanglement. Within Western mythology we are restricted to the false dichotomy that we either … Continue reading

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