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The Fixer 08

They knew that police protection was out of the question; Tim wasn’t a VIP. Things had really changed in urban areas like the one flung out around the seat of government. Before the introduction of energy weapons, police departments had … Continue reading

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The Fixer 01

(This is part 2 of the same story that started with “The Sniper.”) Just a few more seconds and Ned would have it. You wouldn’t likely have noticed him, sitting in a chair with his ticket curled out from between … Continue reading

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The Sniper 09

Normally the techs would take the utility truck out to examine the wreckage and remains, take pictures and fill out a few survey forms. They never got to it. By the time the choppers had turned to rise back up … Continue reading

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Step Out of the Darkness

It’s almost funny how spying works. We see the spying agencies and their officials creating multiple false realities with such frequency that no one is surprised when they solemnly insist that innocuous things are a threat to national security. You … Continue reading

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The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

The single greatest threat to Americans is the CIA. This is a difficult subject because it’s so tightly woven into the very fabric of human existence. On the one hand, spying is essential to human government in our fallen world. … Continue reading

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Quantum Moral Dominion

As always, I cannot tell you what path to take; I can only explain mine. I lack the time and expertise to read purposefully all the released documents on NSA spying. That means I rely on people I trust who … Continue reading

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False Flag Plans for US (Updated)

Update: The article I reference here turns out to be a forgery. If you click the link you’ll find that out. I would like to recommend yet another article: Israel vs the United States and Iran by Dr. Phillip L. … Continue reading

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