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Admin: Closing an Email Account

Those of you still using my oldest email address (ehurst@soulkiln.org) need to switch to another of my addresses. I’m shutting down all accounts on that domain. I recommend you start using my Outlook address (br073n@outlook.com) or Gmail (ehurst909@gmail.com).

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New URL Is Live

Okay, it looks like the new URL is working: Do What’s Right (gone again as of 2019). Also, I’ve set up the G Suite services so you can email me at ehurst@soulkiln.blog (ehurst@radixfidem.blog) — this is now the preferred means … Continue reading

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First, I’m grateful to all of you who subscribe (now nearly 400) or who regularly check this blog. I am flattered and blessed by your attention. So far as I know, this blog will not depart from the message that … Continue reading

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TMOC Email Account Locked

The account I had set up at GMX.com has either been hijacked or their service is simply unreliable. Either way, the email address tmoc-team@gmx.com is no longer accessible, so if you are using it, switch to eddie at my domain … Continue reading

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