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I have a burning conviction in my soul that something big is about to break out in our world. Several of you have discussed with me privately how God is calling you to serve in ways that make no sense … Continue reading

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Announcing New Elder

Welcome our new parish elder: Jay DiNitto. You can get to know more about him by hanging out on his blog. It was an easy choice for me to invite him onboard and you’ll discern why quickly enough. He’s different … Continue reading

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Elder and Judge

Eldercraft is my term for the collection of skills and experiences necessary for being a biblical elder. We define “elder” as half of the leadership team described in the Bible as God’s Two Witnesses: priest and king. A biblical king … Continue reading

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Let Me Know

I was born heart-led. As you might imagine, growing up in a world that denies such a thing, I lived a very tormented childhood. It was a wildly strange and twisted existence, where everyone kept telling me to live my … Continue reading

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Transparent Shepherd

My readers know that I favor transparency; it’s a moral element in Creation. It’s not for the brain to discern, though it may do so, but it’s first and foremost something for the heart to see. The phrase “Open Source” … Continue reading

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More Admin Changes

Okay, parish, the Spirit of the Lord is driving me hard right now and I can’t sleep. Let’s assume for now that this blog service isn’t going anywhere soon. First, here’s the vision thing: This parish is about to get … Continue reading

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Church Admin: Background

American religion is more cult than Christianity. A common mistake among American evangelicals is assuming that the US is a covenant nation. They dress the founding of the US all up in sacred hues, as if God somehow decided to … Continue reading

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