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Our Parish Teaching on Politics

To the degree that we could change anything in this world, it has to come as a secondary result of our normal mission activity. This is particularly true with politics and government policy. Let’s review the background for this. The … Continue reading

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Aside from the lightweight references I used in my A Course in Biblical Mysticism, some of you may take an interest in looking more at some of my studies on the background of the Bible. Old Testament Survey: The Message, … Continue reading

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Logical Odds and Ends

A couple of recent comments and some offline conversation seem to call for a fresh attempt to explain a couple of items. Ancient Near East (ANE) — We are not ANE. We harken back to that collection of civilizations because … Continue reading

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Archives: A Teacher’s Sorrow

How do I say “I love you” without coming on too strong? How do I touch you reassuringly, without it seeming wrong? I’d love to hug you; my motive is pure. To give you a friendship strong and sure. Not … Continue reading

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Within Reach

Spammers never learn. Every day in my blog comments here I get at least one spam comment for some facial serum sold on Amazon, sometimes two or three times. I also get at least once each week something telling me … Continue reading

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Back to School for Me

The fresh education has begun. Not that I’ve ever stopped learning in the first place, but this is something I never felt the need to know. I approach it like every other academic endeavor because I need to make sure … Continue reading

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Western Education Is Morally Equivalent to Torture

The Fall can be defined as usurping God’s throne in your own soul. God is Creator, having woven into all Creation His moral character. To understand Creation at all is to understand first God’s moral character — AKA His divine … Continue reading

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