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How Bad Will It Be?

If you examine the record of Scripture, you can discern a thread of moral propriety in dealing with other nations. The starting point is to leave folks alone. In truth, this is the broad instinct of the Children of Israel. … Continue reading

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War on the Horizon

This is just an intuition, a perception based on heart-sensing the mood of the people: We are going to war. I realize there’s been lots of media noise about likely targets of American military force, but it’s just noise. It … Continue reading

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Of Cattle and Sheep

Does it require an explanation so long and detailed that nobody will read it? The US health care system is a time bomb in the first place. It is broken and the fix is not what everyone imagines. If you … Continue reading

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Politically Agnostic

Hopefully I’ve established a model of clarity and acuity for things of this world. It’s not a question of objective truth; it’s a question of avoiding the trap of sloppy thinking that makes propaganda work to manipulate behavior. I’m trying … Continue reading

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Giving It Away

Walk your talk. All Creation is just a tool for the Father’s glory. Wealth is for sharing, but it rests on the foundation of the covenant of faith. I bought that fancy Linksys WRT1200AC router as part of my tool-up … Continue reading

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More Expectations

I want to let you in on some more of my plans and expectations. You still have to decide for yourself what God wants from you, but I share this because it might ring a bell with you, too. First, … Continue reading

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Praying about Trump’s Administration

How should we pray? This is another “TL;DR” post. The answer requires pulling together many threads. The question is not sterile and precise; it’s organic. So is the answer. If you take the example of the Model Prayer (“the Our … Continue reading

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