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Entertaining, at the Least

Here’s what I expect, what I’m planning to face. The political situation will continue to degrade. The federal government is totally united against something over half the population. It is supported by Big Tech. Right now states are lining up … Continue reading

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Reprise: My Prayer for America

I’ll remind you frequently that I don’t listen to reason very much; I listen to the voices in my head, particularly the ones that sound like my convictions speaking from my heart. The head does know how to bend the … Continue reading

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Tired of Tire Business

Self-reliance is all the more a virtue when the economy starts collapsing. There was a time when you couldn’t drive a mile in any direction in my area without running into one or another tire shop. Most of them were … Continue reading

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Know the Facts and Pray

If you can appreciate a little intellectual exercise, maybe this will interest you: Tested ‘Positive’ For COVID-19? Be Sure To Ask This Question. It provides authoritative links and a video to highlight the issue — COVID-19 testing is inherently fraudulent. … Continue reading

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God Will See to It

One of the covenant names for God is “Jehovah-Jireh” — literally, “God will see to it” in the sense of provision for what He has called us to do. And in typical Hebrew ambiguity, it also implies that you will … Continue reading

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Imagination and Speculation

An awful lot of people much smarter and better informed than I am have speculated over the coming election. A significant number of them, from both sides of the political divide, say they expect chaos and violence. All I’ve done … Continue reading

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The Turning Point in US History

Today is my 64th birthday. According to the standard practices and customs here in the USA, in about 6 months I’m supposed to file for Social Security. It then takes another six months to process the paperwork so that I … Continue reading

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Don’t Fight the Wrong Battles

Biblical Law rests entirely on certain prerequisites. God requires a heart-led consciousness, and demands that humanity live under a biblical feudal covenant forming a tribal social structure. This revelation is a mighty gift of grace, putting to death all the … Continue reading

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Human Politics 02

You can look around you and see that the US is not following Christ. And if you can understand what I covered in part 1, you aren’t surprised by that. It’s not possible to expect any nation on earth to … Continue reading

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Another Rant about Current Events

What follows is just my personal opinion, my own diseased ranting. I’m not going to offer footnotes and links; you can find most if within minutes using some search engines (but not easily with Google; try DuckDuckGo). If you are … Continue reading

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