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Growing, Not Building

Every once in a while, I sense that it is necessary to remind folks what this blog is supposed to do. It’s just a place for me to tell my story, to spill out the narrative of my soul. I’m … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 8:31-47

Faith is not an ethnic identity. The issue here is not who was born of Abraham, but who embraced Abraham’s faith. On the surface, the English translations of this passage can be somewhat confusing. If these folks began believing in … Continue reading

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The Heart-led Shift

Those of you paying attention to the curriculum posts should understand that we are trying to shake the entire foundation of Western Christianity. If people pick up on this at all, there is no way the mainstream churches can continue … Continue reading

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The Mission: Restoring Heritage

What are we actually doing with Radix Fidem? We could characterize it in many ways, but one thing we cannot say is that we are “trying to get folks saved.” I’ve tried to explain in the past how we as … Continue reading

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Invest in Eternity

It’s revolutionary, and I am hardly the first to suggest it: Don’t invest with a material calculus, but in moral terms. Literally, not merely as a figure of speech — switch to an entirely different form of reckoning. Put that … Continue reading

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Biblical Morality: Conclusion

We as believers are aliens, complete and utter foreigners in this world. It would have been all too easy to extend this book for countless chapters covering every detail of our human existence. It would also be too easy to … Continue reading

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