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Cold Tool Chase

I rode today with temperatures between 31° and 38° F, with a firm breeze from the north. The only real problem I had was that riding in the cold like that makes me just a tad light-headed. While my new … Continue reading

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Current News Review 11

First, a bit of good news: Oklahoma’s legislature plans to limit federal authority to grab our National Guard troops, particularly for purposes the state doesn’t like. The proposed law would hang on whether there is a formal US Congressional declaration … Continue reading

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Shining His Light into Every Corner

All sin must come to light. A critical element in our speaking and living the gospel message is how it exposes sin. Think about it: In our weakness and dependence on the Holy Spirit, through all of our failures, our … Continue reading

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From Where I Stand

The fundamental evil of the human race is rejecting divine revelation. This rejection is the very foundation of the Fall. It is what defines humanity as “fallen.” The Curse of the Fall is that we are given over to that … Continue reading

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Deconstructing 06

On one level, Peace in this world is not possible. Let’s review the underlying assumptions. The human race is fallen. We are born in sin. While children remain morally innocent until a certain point in their development, they do eventually … Continue reading

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Growing, Not Building

Every once in a while, I sense that it is necessary to remind folks what this blog is supposed to do. It’s just a place for me to tell my story, to spill out the narrative of my soul. I’m … Continue reading

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Let Me Explain Myself

By no means would I pretend to speak for God; I will do my best to provoke your own encounter with the Lord of Creation. One of the greatest blasphemies on this earth is the notion that divine justice can … Continue reading

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