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Earmarks of the Final Apocalypse

And why we aren’t there yet. I’ve been asked to expand on my comments about a final Apocalypse and what it should look like. There have been periods of tribulation on this earth. The term “tribulation” as used in the … Continue reading

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Shaking His Body

Try to understand this: The Lord claimed the Nation of Israel for Himself, His own family on earth. He raised them up through the bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but that was not their identity as His Children. Satan … Continue reading

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My Christmas Present to You

What follows is from me, my personal opinion on things. I do not aim to persuade you, but to provoke your own heart-led discernment. Feel free to compare notes in the comments, but this is not a debate. This is … Continue reading

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Current News Review 11

First, a bit of good news: Oklahoma’s legislature plans to limit federal authority to grab our National Guard troops, particularly for purposes the state doesn’t like. The proposed law would hang on whether there is a formal US Congressional declaration … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Eschatology

This is a big can of worms. There is such a load of manure out there and it needs to be buried and composted where it will do some good. I’m not going to bother listing all the crazy theories, … Continue reading

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Can I Interest You in a Metaphorical Shovel?

You can’t call it an ambition, but I strive to one end in this life: I want to be translated into Heaven like Enoch and Elijah. Getting there requires using everything God has granted us in this world to be … Continue reading

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The Insignificance of Jerusalem

Everyone seems convinced that the recent move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is full of symbolism. It is, but it symbolizes rejecting God’s truth in this case. Jerusalem was King David’s chosen royal city. He captured … Continue reading

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No April Fooling

What defines a cult? It’s ironic that the definition itself offered by Christianity Today magazine has elements of a cult in the list. It’s very defensive of mainstream Christian religion. A more balanced approach is offered here and it cites … Continue reading

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The Risen Christ is Our Truth

There is nothing to gain by activism. It’s not that activism doesn’t accomplish anything; what it accomplishes isn’t worth it. A recurring theme on this blog is how Satan deceived the Jewish nation. The record begins in the Old Testament … Continue reading

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A Lutheran Take-down of Dispensationalism

I won’t elaborate on this: Dispensationalism: What and Why Not. It might be a little long, but you can also grab a PDF version of the same paper to read later. It will show you that we are closer to … Continue reading

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