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Reduce the Target Surface

It should be obvious by now that the globalists are intent on disenfranchising everyone who isn’t one of them, in every way imaginable. Keep an eye on this: Everything we depend on for daily existence is being centralized. Amazon is … Continue reading

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They Are Without a Covenant

God speaks to His covenant family. Everyone else is cattle He herds; the demons are His cowboys. If you want to claim a heritage in the Covenant, then you cannot make common cause with the cattle. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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Extrapolating Current Trends for 2021

Just an amateur analysis, a little more of my social sciences hobby, with the voices in my head… There is already some limited warfare between the left and right on the street level. People are getting beaten, stabbed, shot and … Continue reading

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Don’t Fight the Wrong Battles

Biblical Law rests entirely on certain prerequisites. God requires a heart-led consciousness, and demands that humanity live under a biblical feudal covenant forming a tribal social structure. This revelation is a mighty gift of grace, putting to death all the … Continue reading

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Push-back Is Inevitable

Let’s review: Culture is not merely the meandering results of custom or habit. Much of it is comes from shared DNA. The Anglo-American culture arises from a genetic background that includes a high social trust factor. Anglo-American people have a … Continue reading

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Pray for Secession

Take the long view; think in terms of generations and centuries of human existence. Try to see how God does things on such a broad scale. We are at another Tower of Babel. Pray that God strikes once more against … Continue reading

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Wrath and Doom on the USA: Pray

America: a social and cultural identity based mostly on Anglo-American colonial history, with a smattering of other major cultural groups from roughly the same part of the world. USA: a political entity that was built on American cultural identity, with … Continue reading

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More Praying for Resistance

Giving reminders can be helpful, but there is nothing I can write that will keep you stronger than your own faith. If there is no blazing core of truth burning in your own soul about the massive Orwellian lies the … Continue reading

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Back to the Catacombs

We are at war. Radix Fidem does not yield any particular political view. Here in the US, we have benefited from political conservatism, but we aren’t part of their world. We are to them non-threatening flakes. To the left we … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Radix Fidem 02

What’s the strategy? Let’s get this out of the way: Violence is not a sin. Would you protect defenseless members of your family from a rapist? That’s no different from the mandate God gave each of us to defend from … Continue reading

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