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Stop the Secularizing

By now you may have caught a whiff of something my recent posts have been reaching for: We live a life of worship. In that sense, life is ritual. Our human existence on this earth is rightly shaped by an … Continue reading

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Biking in Glory

I’ve been riding this week. The rides weren’t remarkable. Indeed, I went out mostly for the exercise, having no particular complex questions in my mind. I took only a few pictures; these were rides I’ve taken before dozens of times … Continue reading

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AI Is the Wrong Path

People talk about AI and the prospect of electronic sentience, but they have no idea. It was a tech support house call. When I walked into the lady’s computer room, her machine told me everything was alright. That is, it … Continue reading

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No Title Fits This

I love it when friends are willing to stand for what they believe. In a background conversation with someone dear to me, we discussed some issues related to the inauguration ceremony Friday. I was trying to clown a bit, but … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Eden

Eden is not ephemeral. It is created, but it was not meant to die any quicker than the rest of Creation as a whole. It’s not eternal in the sense that God is, but it stands outside of time and … Continue reading

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Head in a Different World

(Note: To give you some perspective, Gary S. Paxton is most famous for writing the song, “Monster Mash.”) There is a significant behavioral clinical literature on “conversion experience.” It’s a well established phenomena in psychology. It’s used in all sorts … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: The Fear of Fools

Think about it for a moment. Contemplate and clear out the old garbage. God’s Word tells us about Creation. Right there in blunt terms in Genesis 1:31 tells us that God saw all that He had made and it was … Continue reading

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