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Filtering News

The basic question is: What would it take to prove the claim in a court of law? Context is everything. The logic of news filtering rests firmly on the foundation of knowing your mission and calling in life. There are … Continue reading

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There Would Be Nothing Left

If you boycotted every business that was dishonest, you would buy nothing at all from anyone. If you protested every agency that harbored secret corruption, there would be nothing left that you didn’t protest. That may be fine for a … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts

We don’t embrace the imperative of winning. Even scaled out to national survival, the Christian Mystic’s approach is that God is running the show, and His whims are inscrutable regarding such things. Instead, we focus on righteousness in the process. … Continue reading

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Just a Nutcase

So here’s what I see coming for Windows users: Windows 10 will be a buy-once-update-forever kind of thing. You won’t get much choice on updates and feature changes. If you have it, you have to accept anything MS wants to … Continue reading

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We Tribulate

Sure, I read the news. We are passing through a time of tribulation. Sometimes I’ll comment on developments here, but I don’t pretend to understand very much about it all. You are equally responsible to God for developing your own … Continue reading

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Christian Political Propaganda

I really do wish I could remember all the details. At the time I was one of them, and it never occurred to me to wonder if I was being manipulated. They considered me talented enough to have potential in … Continue reading

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