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They Do Not Hear

The most important task of prophecy is revealing God’s divine moral character. The question of what the future holds always rests on how we as fallen creatures respond to divine revelation. Granted, there are some matters that God controls rather … Continue reading

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Nothing Christlike about It

Let’s add some definition to yesterday’s post. In a covenant community, one of the most critical issues for leadership is watching out for actions that threaten the covering of God. We’ve discussed “covering” in this context before: It’s God’s protection. … Continue reading

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You’re Doing It Wrong

Both rioting and policing in the US are inherently evil. I seek to live by God’s revelation in the Bible. It just so happens the Bible is a very Hebrew book, which makes it a part of the broader Ancient … Continue reading

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Understanding Mortality

God protected Israel when she was faithful to the Covenant. Take the time to analyze the broader history of the Ancient Near East. You will see that Israel rose on the collapse of one older and fading empire, and conquered … Continue reading

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The Sad Fate of Julian Assange

We aren’t taking scalps. The mission of exposing sin is not about the big named individuals we might bring down. That will surely happen, but it’s not the focus. Exposing sin is not about the sinners, but the sin. We … Continue reading

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Mama’s Boy

This blog focuses on practical applications of a peculiar outlook, an outlook we call Christian Mysticism. It’s title — Do What’s Right — points back to that mission. It’s about knowing what is right and then doing it. To get … Continue reading

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Nationalism versus Nationalism

We live in a Western world, and it is our duty to understand it. Otherwise, we cannot offer God’s antidote to the failures of Western Civilization. Hear a principle of Biblical Law: Covenant trumps every other consideration. All Law Covenants … Continue reading

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Permission Not Needed

Maybe I need a t-shirt that says, “This is what TOXIC MASCULINITY looks like.” I’ve gotten significant push-back from people who don’t understand the difference between just and unjust killing. I’m convinced it’s a prejudice from our Western heritage. You … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Covenants

The Bible addresses us in our fallen state. It says precious little of what came before, or what will follow after the Fall. This is mostly because fallen humans cannot comprehend life without mortality, or an existence not bound by … Continue reading

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Rightly Dividing in the Community of Faith

Let’s return to the contemplation of law and faith. What we call the Law Covenants in the Old Testament always aimed at a covenant of faith. The Law Covenants addressed communities, and helped people focus on the necessities of life … Continue reading

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