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Why There Is No Valid Orthodoxy

Everything held forth as “Christian orthodoxy” is a lie. God revealed Himself. The context of that revelation was the ancient Hebrew culture, which includes the language and the intellectual traditions behind that language. Not the Hebrew language as a vehicle … Continue reading

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Covenants 05

In substance, if not in context, the Covenant of Moses still stands. That is, if you were to keep the Covenant of Moses as it was intended — as taught by Jesus — all the promises and curses still work … Continue reading

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Promoting Divine Truth

There is no room for anything resembling democracy in the Bible. There’s a reason for that: You cannot know God or His Son without first acknowledging Him as your feudal master. That’s the essential entry point into faith. The revelation … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Framework

2. Framework In order to breathe life into your communion with Christ, you must start that long journey of conditioning your mind to think in a biblical frame of reference. Don’t plan on arriving at some destination; explore the territory … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Privileges

4. Privileges Jesus offers the same shalom as with the Covenant of Moses, but it still requires covenant faithfulness. Jesus is the Lord of His covenant household. He promises all the blessings Israel could have had, and much more, but … Continue reading

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Longing for Heaven

Something inside of us longs for holiness, longs to leave this sinful world behind. The Creator didn’t make you gay or a pedophile nor any other brand of pervert. You are that way because of the Fall. We are born … Continue reading

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Understanding Miracles

Our Western Civilization is loaded with so much intellectual trash, it’s a wonder anyone finds peace with God. Still, it’s there for those who seek His favor. Along with everything else that comes with His favor is a phenomenon in … Continue reading

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Covenant Manhood 01

Let’s refresh our view of biblical shepherd manhood. Pray for guidance; trust God to give it. I note in passing that some of this inevitably applies to women, but the more precise details of biblical femininity needs to come from … Continue reading

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The Inevitable End of the West

Biblical Law is the Person of Christ. Get to know Him and you will know Biblical Law; this is the Covenant of Christ. It absolutely requires heart-led mysticism and spiritual birth. You are under that covenant when the Lord reaches … Continue reading

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Embracing the Enlightenment from Heaven

One more time: Under the Radix Fidem covenant, our teaching emphasizes living by Biblical Law. We teach that “Biblical Law” is a term equivalent to the moral character of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ Himself as a person. It’s not … Continue reading

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