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Covenants 05

In substance, if not in context, the Covenant of Moses still stands. That is, if you were to keep the Covenant of Moses as it was intended — as taught by Jesus — all the promises and curses still work … Continue reading

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In the Grip of Faith

In Daniel 3, we see the three Hebrew gentlemen subjected to persecution for their faith. It wasn’t a matter of ritual worship of one deity or another; that was merely the symbolism. It was their previously stated commitment to what … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 — More on Legalism It seems odd that mainstream Christianity is so quick to nitpick over some passages of Scripture — what Christ called “sifting out gnats” from flour — and swallowing the camel on other passages (Matthew … Continue reading

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Boxing Day and Doctrine

Most Americans have no idea what “Boxing Day” means unless they spent time in Europe. At any rate, I’m working away on the next volume of my series, Ancient Truth: General Letters, covering Hebrews through Jude. In terms of doctrine … Continue reading

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