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Is Biblical Courtship Possible?

Jack over at Sigma Frame has requested that I explain a comment I made on his blog that a biblical courtship is so counter to our Western culture as to be virtually illegal. More specifically, he broke it down into … Continue reading

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Growing, Not Building

Every once in a while, I sense that it is necessary to remind folks what this blog is supposed to do. It’s just a place for me to tell my story, to spill out the narrative of my soul. I’m … Continue reading

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Promoting Divine Truth

There is no room for anything resembling democracy in the Bible. There’s a reason for that: You cannot know God or His Son without first acknowledging Him as your feudal master. That’s the essential entry point into faith. The revelation … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Missed It

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. It gets like that when too many people are chasing outright fantasies. Human nature is fallen; it cannot be amended. The only hope you have in dealing with humanity at large is to … Continue reading

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Self-Reliance Requires Faith

Self-reliance on the human level does not conflict with faith in Christ. It takes a lot of faith to be self-reliant. The issue is that we know we cannot all be self-reliant in the same ways. Thus, we form a … Continue reading

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Not a Growth Industry

In our heart-led path, we have the full assurance all truth is already active within our convictions, but a lot of head knowledge arising from that isn’t triggered until someone or something provokes the right question. That’s how it works … Continue reading

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A Thought on Covenant Living

Keep mind the context here: We assume an effort to embrace the Biblical Covenant of Christ. Faith is the extension of Law Covenants, the goal of law teaching. Ideally, a man knows that his family household is his greatest treasure. … Continue reading

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