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The Storm Shelter

Take this as a status report; this is where things are for me. The foundation is obvious by now: We want to see people ditching the Western mindset and embracing the Hebrew orientation. God designed us to operate by faith. … Continue reading

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Know Thyself

I’ve said before that you should never apologize for your sense of humor. Much of what we consider to be funny is actually hard-wired. There’s room for soul-searching, of course. There’s plenty that we can condemn as bad social conditioning, … Continue reading

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Under the Madman Hat

Let me refresh a few things. God differentiates between His people and everyone else. If you embrace one of the biblical covenants, you are choosing allegiance to Him. With your allegiance comes a set of boundaries to protect you. If … Continue reading

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Untrustworthy Logic

If you do what’s reasonable, you will always serve Satan. How did Christian religion become so captivated by this desperate need to be accepted by the masses? See John 15:18-25 — “If the world hates you, you know that it … Continue reading

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God Speaks to Those Who Listen

Maybe it would be more convenient for some readers if I wrote my prophecies within the American legalistic traditions, but the prophetic ministry isn’t like that. Nonetheless, I’ve been pretty careful in trying to help you understand that some prophetic … Continue reading

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God Will See to It

One of the covenant names for God is “Jehovah-Jireh” — literally, “God will see to it” in the sense of provision for what He has called us to do. And in typical Hebrew ambiguity, it also implies that you will … Continue reading

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Only Your Convictions Know the Answer

How are we to pursue holiness in this hideous world? Only your convictions know. We passed the tipping point a long time ago, and that tipping point has thrust upward into a vast mountain. The gulf between our society and … Continue reading

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It’s Personal. Which Person?

The demands of faith are inherently unreasonable. Jesus didn’t voluntarily submit to crucifixion because it made sense. He did so because it was His Father’s command. That was all the reason He needed. That He intimately knew His Father’s will … Continue reading

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More Praying for Resistance

Giving reminders can be helpful, but there is nothing I can write that will keep you stronger than your own faith. If there is no blazing core of truth burning in your own soul about the massive Orwellian lies the … Continue reading

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Long and Frequent

Frightening truth: Even if you do what’s right without Christ, nothing is accounted in your favor before the Lord. It’s not what you do; it’s always a matter of who is your Lord. Once He is your Lord, then we … Continue reading

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