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Patient Heart, Clear Head

An offline discussion inspires me to write a review of some things. There are, in fact, more conspiracies than you can shake a stick at; most theories about conspiracies have major flaws. Too often they are based on false assumptions. … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 06

The Q nerds claim the following. 1. In a few days the President will order declassification of the FISA warrant papers that were used to justify spying on him. The objective is to clarify who was responsible for making that … Continue reading

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Trump’s Troll Army

Most assertively, we proclaim that this world of mainstream human awareness is a lie. It is absurd and only appears to make sense to those captivated within their fallen nature. As soon as you start appropriating the grace and mercy … Continue reading

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Standing in a Different Context 05

The Antichrist in Scripture is a symbol, a demonic spirit that motivates people to be hostile to the gospel. The failure of every big conspiracy theory is not taking the Bible seriously. These theories allege a higher intelligence and ability … Continue reading

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Small World (Updated)

Remember this shot on the left here? That’s the underpass on Midwest Boulevard where Tuner Turnpike runs overhead. It reminded me of a gateway, a portal to the hilliest area I can ride without going back out east into allergen … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee Chatter

Come in and have a seat; let me pour you a mug of joe. WordPress told me that I have just passed the eight year mark here with them. I must be full of it, because most of those days … Continue reading

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Moral Clarity, Befuddled Reason

This will sound at first like I’m wandering, so buckle your seatbelts. A significant portion of the global elite have made a religion of melding mind and computer. You’ll run across the term “singularity” most often in this context, where … Continue reading

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