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PCLinuxOS for a Change

I’m testing PCLinuxOS on my laptop. It’s possible I may regret this, but after a half day of testing, I’m pretty impressed. It’s very current and rolling release. Here’s the issues for me: The Intel IRIS graphics chipset. Linux is … Continue reading

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The Shape of Tribulation

Just another of my obscure rants. The current shape of one-world government is now revealed more clearly than ever: It will be a soulless AI. However, the worst dystopian nightmare movies can’t hold a candle to the real thing. If … Continue reading

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Human Politics 03

We are in a civil war. There will be a lot of destruction of physical property. But it won’t be like the old Civil War in the 1860s with massive organized movements on the battlefield. We may have something on … Continue reading

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Regarding Past Predictions

One of my predictions from the past came true, but I didn’t recognize it at the time. I suggested that Microsoft would jump the shark, and they did. It was the one-two punch of Windows 8 and Windows 10. I … Continue reading

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OpenSUSE: No Sales Pitch

The average consumer gives precious little thought to the technology they use, beyond concerns with their own convenience. The only time they start caring about what’s going on behind the interface they experience is when failures impinge on their convenience. … Continue reading

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OpenSUSE Admin: Unneeded Services

This one is pretty easy, since the defaults tend to be sensible, for the most part. I have identified only three default services that may not be that useful to the average user. The technique is simple. Open YaST, look … Continue reading

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Current News Review 03

There hasn’t been a lot of new stories to discuss lately. It’s not as if nothing is happening, but this fake impeachment nonsense has been the excuse to avoid reporting real news. This year the Upper Midwest farm planting got … Continue reading

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Quiet But Not Gone

I still can’t explain why I switched, and it’s not subject to debate, but I’ve been running OpenSUSE the past few days and I’m pretty happy with it. There were some gotchas, like not having installed by default the software … Continue reading

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Playing with Sprint Sonim XP3

This is not a review, just sharing my experience. We bought this thing (Sonim XP3, AKA XP3800) yesterday and it is quite a different device from any previous flip phone I’ve had. The first thing you’ll notice is that the … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing: Can’t Byte It

There is a huge gap between consumer grade understanding of computer technology and the kind of specialized theoretical background it takes to even understand quantum computing. A lot of techies don’t get quantum computing. Worse, a lot of people who … Continue reading

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