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AI Is the Wrong Path

People talk about AI and the prospect of electronic sentience, but they have no idea. It was a tech support house call. When I walked into the lady’s computer room, her machine told me everything was alright. That is, it … Continue reading

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Of Cattle and Sheep

Does it require an explanation so long and detailed that nobody will read it? The US health care system is a time bomb in the first place. It is broken and the fix is not what everyone imagines. If you … Continue reading

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Some Current Tech Talk Trends

In my computer tech support ministry, I still run into people with notions carved in stone from before the introduction of Windows. It arises from the bureaucratic mindset seeping into the wider society: Invent once; never progress. Do you know … Continue reading

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Giving It Away

Walk your talk. All Creation is just a tool for the Father’s glory. Wealth is for sharing, but it rests on the foundation of the covenant of faith. I bought that fancy Linksys WRT1200AC router as part of my tool-up … Continue reading

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Social Media Hijack Vulnerabilities

I know that some of you still use Facebook; that’s your business. The problem is that Facebook is like the Borg in wanting to take over your virtual life. Stop and think about all the different services you know about … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 20

While I’ve left Debian Jessie on the server, I found too many things implemented wrong for my laptop. So I moved back to Mint 18 (Sarah) and I’ll just grit my teeth on the suspend issue. Part of what drove … Continue reading

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Administrivia (Updated)

I’m re-installing CentOS 7 on the parish server today. I’ve decided to take the easy way out and I’ll be using Webmin so I don’t have to pick over all the grisly details to get things running properly. One of … Continue reading

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