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Evil in the System

It won’t do to call Microsoft “evil” when the real problem is the system itself. Perhaps you are aware of a website called “Github.” It’s a collection of software repositories, mostly Open Source, that is offered as a free service … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: One Big Happy Family

(While this was originally a duplicate of something from another blog, and that other blog was merged here, this post has been kept because of the huge amount of comment posted below.) The Old Testament provides a wealth of imagery … Continue reading

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One Big Happy Family

The Old Testament provides a wealth of imagery for describing our virtual congregation. The background of the Bible presumes that humans are wired for ANE feudalism. Thus, this blog is a virtual feudal grant from God and I am the … Continue reading

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Divine Order and Chaos

Have you been watching it? Humans are inherently nomadic, though our fallen nature prefers a sedentary existence. As population has grown over the centuries in habitable areas, our fundamental design is causing trouble. Western Civilization has done some useful things, … Continue reading

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Parish Update: Late November 2014

For those of you praying with us about our needs, the “new” car is working fine. With the amount of donated funds left after making the purchase, the first thing we did is buy brake pads for all wheels and … Continue reading

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Alien Gateway

Dr. King had almost forgotten her meal, but took another bite while she considered things. Then, “A lot of people are disappointed with mainstream religion these days. Tell me how you came this epiphany, if I can call it that.” … Continue reading

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Mission and Friendships

Natural to our humanity is an appetite for warmth connected with a sense of identity. Something in us knows without any possible explanation that we must belong to something. If we do not, then a major element in our sense … Continue reading

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Signs of Life

Life sucks on this plane of existence. It’s not as if you can’t find glimmers of grace and mercy, but this world is damaged goods and will not be redeemed. English translations of Scripture routinely confuse things by the ambiguity … Continue reading

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Linux, Security and Control

Running Linux doesn’t merely put you in charge of things; it grants a sense of power you won’t easily get from Windows or Mac. But it’s really about the people involved. The primary reason Linux computers seldom get viruses is … Continue reading

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A Few Management Errors

I’ve watched managers and leaders screw up their own position so badly that they destroyed the operation itself. This is not guidance you’ll get from a secular or Christian leadership seminar. This is guidance that comes from the Ancient Hebrew … Continue reading

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