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Much to Unlearn

The Tower of Babel has manifested itself in more ways than you can imagine. It shows up in communism. Pete Seeger recorded the Internationale, which is blatantly anti-Christian. John Lennon admitted that his Imagine was a sugar-coated communist manifesto. It … Continue reading

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My Prayer for the USA

The will of the people is not sacred. Why else would Scripture give us the story of the Fall? Humans can be manipulated to desire things against their own best interest. Any government theory that rests on a popular vote … Continue reading

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The Question Is Whose Blood

I can’t tell you what you should think, but I cannot avoid saying what I believe. If I could go back and tally all the sites WordPress has shut down, and get a feel for what those blogs were about, … Continue reading

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The West Is Inherently Evil

Just a reminder: Feminism is built into Western Civilization. If you are familiar with the Men’s Red-Pill movement online, you will get a belly full of complaints about feminism, as if it were somehow a perversion of “Western Christianity.” That’s … Continue reading

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Reality Check Regarding the US Communist Revolution

I want you to understand just how serious this is. It’s not meant to make you fear, but to help you grasp the gravity of the threat to life here in the USA. A handful of well-trained, capable men went … Continue reading

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On Being Available

Don’t believe the propaganda. Don’t surrender your mind to the Enemy. The protests claim to be local and ad hoc. That’s a lie. See: Intelligence Gathering at Protests. I can vouch for the methods described; it’s pretty much what I … Continue reading

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Wrath and Doom on the USA: Pray

America: a social and cultural identity based mostly on Anglo-American colonial history, with a smattering of other major cultural groups from roughly the same part of the world. USA: a political entity that was built on American cultural identity, with … Continue reading

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False Dichotomy: Capitalism versus Communism

A fundamental element in Biblical Law is boundaries. The flesh knows no boundaries except its own appetites. The heart realizes the danger in unrestrained appetites, and knows to steer those desires in directions that build shalom. And the whole of … Continue reading

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Why Bother with Pretending?

Re:¬†White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo The only reason this book is worth your attention is that it represents the orthodoxy of those seeking to destroy the US. It should serve to indicate their plans for the rest of us. A … Continue reading

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Another Futile Prophecy

It’s worse than you might imagine. This is a violent red commie underground organization. It’s growing. This is the cannon fodder the globalists use to destroy everything they can’t control. It’s meant to terrorize folks into asking for martial law, … Continue reading

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