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Can You See the Vision?

It’s a parallel society. Keep in mind that in most biblical usage, “the world” is the fallen human society without redemption. It’s the same Creation, but with a blinding veil of concrete reality, eating from the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge … Continue reading

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Stop the Secularizing

By now you may have caught a whiff of something my recent posts have been reaching for: We live a life of worship. In that sense, life is ritual. Our human existence on this earth is rightly shaped by an … Continue reading

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Let’s recall something very important: In Christ we live the paradox of having on the one hand a command to commune with others because it’s the nature of our communion with God. To be one with the Father is to … Continue reading

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Head in a Different World

(Note: To give you some perspective, Gary S. Paxton is most famous for writing the song, “Monster Mash.”) There is a significant behavioral clinical literature on “conversion experience.” It’s a well established phenomena in psychology. It’s used in all sorts … Continue reading

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Virtual War 2

It’s the nature of our shared faith. On the one hand, our heart-led path is very narrow, steep and rough. Precious few are those who walk with us. On the other hand, we so desperately need each other because no … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Misguiding Spirits

The entire concept of spirit guides is dubious. The record of God’s work in Scripture excludes anything but angels, and we can easily characterize how they operate, because it’s very consistent within the ANE culture. Our culture is so completely … Continue reading

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The Communion of Tribulation

In some ways, there is no going back. This is why I warn readers that, while we do have an obligation to understand the Ancient Near Eastern culture so that we can understand the Bible, we cannot go back and … Continue reading

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