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Society Is Not My Problem

I love people; I don’t care about society. Yes, I understand the part that civilization plays in this world. It’s closely related to the word “civility” — a system of customary behavior that allows people to live together in close … Continue reading

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Obey or Be Damned

Biblical Law is not that hard. There’s a vast wealth of academic material well within the reach of average intellects to explain how to understand the Hebrew point of view that God promotes in the Scripture. God is hidden only … Continue reading

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I Warned You

Some of you still don’t get it. Trump was never going to do anything that really mattered. I still claim he had a commission from God, but that he failed it, and he failed so completely that there will be … Continue reading

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Bigger than Revenge of the Nerds

I’m seeing some interesting trends. The crazy stuff involving GameStop and the Wall Street Bets (WSB) forum on Reddit tells us a couple of things. One is that old guard oligarchs are under attack. We might use other words if … Continue reading

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Isolation Faith

Genuine faith is possible in isolation. There is a lot we can say about the way religion and churches work as a social phenomena. Social science cannot answer any questions regarding the spiritual and miraculous elements, but it can report … Continue reading

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Funeral for the Red Pill

I’m hardly the only person to notice that, for those coming of age for marriage, America has become a social toxic wasteland. It’s bad enough that America is Western, with all the serious problems that can bring. Still, within that … Continue reading

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Better Buy a Tent

In many places within the USA, crime is rising. That’s an objective fact; you can look it up. What you cannot look up, since no one in the power system is willing to talk about it, is that the primary … Continue reading

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Stand Ready to See His Hand at Work

We cannot judge things by any human standard. We must view reality from the biblical perspective, the revelation of our Creator. Scripture skips over an awful lot of concurrent human history to point out the slender thread of revelation. Some … Continue reading

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Patient Heart, Clear Head

An offline discussion inspires me to write a review of some things. There are, in fact, more conspiracies than you can shake a stick at; most theories about conspiracies have major flaws. Too often they are based on false assumptions. … Continue reading

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Hebrew Feudal Relations

I still read a lot of news about mainstream Christian religious activities. There seems to be some confusion about Hebrew feudal relations in the Old Testament household. Most of what we see in Western Christianity is far closer to Germanic … Continue reading

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