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Nothing to Hide

Based on the questions people do ask, it seems to me there are a lot of questions implied that people don’t ask, so I’m going to offer some clarifications on things discussed on this blog. My point here is to … Continue reading

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Mysticism and Moral Reality

It’s one thing for me to teach Biblical Law, offering it as the ideal for human existence. It’s quite a different thing for me to suggest choices we might make in the current context. And it is yet again something … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: What the Hell?

Some of you get it, but it seems there is enough confusion that I need to restate things for clarity. I use the English word “Hell.” If you have been paying attention, you’ll notice I use it in the vernacular … Continue reading

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Answering 04: Radicals

We are more radical than radicals. The world “radical” implies a plan to cut things back to the very roots and try to grow a better crop the next time. What we do here in our parish is more like … Continue reading

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Morphing Reality

I’m not kidding; we are moving into a different civilization. There’s a lot of friction in human habits. We call it “custom and culture” but it amounts to that broad, almost unconscious comfort zone that is neither exactly what we … Continue reading

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Networked Christianity Aborning

I strive to practice what I preach (see the previous linked post). I believe God will keep the Internet alive and that He has called me to engage computer security (CompSec) and networking security (NetSec) in particular. This is behind … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Virtual Catacombs

Step inside my madness for a moment; I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can escape when it gets too much for you. Review: The Cult is not so much a physical presence, but an avatar, a mental image of … Continue reading

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