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Mysticism and Moral Reality

It’s one thing for me to teach Biblical Law, offering it as the ideal for human existence. It’s quite a different thing for me to suggest choices we might make in the current context. And it is yet again something … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: What the Hell?

Some of you get it, but it seems there is enough confusion that I need to restate things for clarity. I use the English word “Hell.” If you have been paying attention, you’ll notice I use it in the vernacular … Continue reading

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Answering 04: Radicals

We are more radical than radicals. The world “radical” implies a plan to cut things back to the very roots and try to grow a better crop the next time. What we do here in our parish is more like … Continue reading

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Morphing Reality

I’m not kidding; we are moving into a different civilization. There’s a lot of friction in human habits. We call it “custom and culture” but it amounts to that broad, almost unconscious comfort zone that is neither exactly what we … Continue reading

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Networked Christianity Aborning

I strive to practice what I preach (see the previous linked post). I believe God will keep the Internet alive and that He has called me to engage computer security (CompSec) and networking security (NetSec) in particular. This is behind … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Virtual Catacombs

Step inside my madness for a moment; I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can escape when it gets too much for you. Review: The Cult is not so much a physical presence, but an avatar, a mental image of … Continue reading

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It’s Coming Home

Could you have predicted it? We are watching the West implode. The cultural milieu has run its course and we are watching something new forming from the ashes. Even Western self-awareness of cultural birth and development is biased, but if … Continue reading

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