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Self-Reliance Requires Faith

Self-reliance on the human level does not conflict with faith in Christ. It takes a lot of faith to be self-reliant. The issue is that we know we cannot all be self-reliant in the same ways. Thus, we form a … Continue reading

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I Tried…

I had no intention of playing games. I was convinced that CentOS 7 was the right choice and I spent a week working it over. There were imperfections, but none of them were fatal until today. Despite this being a … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Glory

All things for the glory of His name. Would you believe some of the Win7 drivers on this laptop broke Windows Update? I tried two different ways of installing Win7 on the Studio 1535 and things were just dandy until … Continue reading

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Progress on the Home Front

Somebody has been praying for me; I can sense it as a storm of pounding love falling from Heaven. I love you all, too. I gave it an honest shot; I struggled mightily and did not prevail with CentOS on … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee Chatter

Come in and have a seat; let me pour you a mug of joe. WordPress told me that I have just passed the eight year mark here with them. I must be full of it, because most of those days … Continue reading

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Mission Ready?

Something is missing. So we held our first genuine worship this morning in our new home. It went well enough; nobody complained about us singing. We went out later to use a gift card my wife received from her coworkers … Continue reading

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CentOS 7 32-bit

Yes, CentOS 7, the current release, is now available in 32-bit. You can go here and find the latest ISO image release, and it’s official. Keep in mind something: The support from EPEL and the likes of Nux Desktop repositories … Continue reading

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