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Keeping Track of Snakes in the Grass

It’s more than a matter of privacy; the electronic spying has already led to false positives and innocent people being persecuted. Let me recommend this rather long story about spying via 911 call services in the US. Keep in mind … Continue reading

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Stuck with the Virtual Swamp

The Internet is a gift from God. Everything in this world exists solely for His glory. It remains for us to discover how to use it for that purpose. That includes the Internet; it’s the greatest tool in human history … Continue reading

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Handing It Out for Free

There’s a fundamental problem with some websites, particularly those that do business with individuals via accounts that require logins. Some of them do it in a very insecure manner. While they do require logins with cookies and so forth, they … Continue reading

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Google’s Latest Censorship Efforts

The “Health Ranger” has been known to exaggerate from time to time, but there is quite likely a basis in truth for his latest breathless warning about Google Chrome browser. I’ve been hearing just this kind of thing from technology … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Sword

Can you imagine someone like me wishing we could do without the Internet? There are two issues here. One is that a computer is by far the best way to write, and to store what you write. Two is that … Continue reading

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Cranking with Windows

I was playing with Win8 on an older system. At one point I logged into my Outlook account. Suddenly the system itself changed my login and instituted a password without telling me what it was; it was an identity I … Continue reading

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Browser Wars: Lost Pretense of Innocence

Nobody is surprised when Google does something sneaky and dirty. We all figured out long ago that Google is evil in the sense that they will not hesitate to lie, and will gladly sell you to the highest bidder. They … Continue reading

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