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Persecution Is No Joke

I’m going to violate terms of service: I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not … Continue reading

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The Wrong Feudalism

Western feudalism is everything wrong that isn’t in the biblical model of feudalism. It’s based on ownership of inanimate property, and the people are slaves; whereas, in the biblical model, the people are the treasure. This is worth your time: … Continue reading

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They Want You Stupid and Docile

I went to teachers’ college and got certified for public education. In the process, I was put through a lot of pedagogy courses. Some of them were bullshit, but they did cue me on studies done in the past to … Continue reading

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Don’t Fight the Wrong Battles

Biblical Law rests entirely on certain prerequisites. God requires a heart-led consciousness, and demands that humanity live under a biblical feudal covenant forming a tribal social structure. This revelation is a mighty gift of grace, putting to death all the … Continue reading

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Google Is Your Enemy More Than Ever

This is worse than the article suggests. It’s a new protocol proposed for Google’s Chrome Browser and Chrome OS (Chromebooks). What it does is allow someone running a webpage to work through your browser to communicate directly with devices in … Continue reading

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One Massive Lie

Think about this: Almost the whole gamut of Big Tech companies with operations in the US have absolutely no incentive to serve users’ interests. Instead, they have a huge incentive to manipulate and oppress their users, because the users are … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Biblical Law is the standard for human life after the Fall, and it stands until Christ Returns. It’s not that Biblical Law is inherently conservative or liberal. Rather, in our current social and political climate, Biblical Law appears to many … Continue reading

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Shape of the Threat

Back in 1977, I wrote a college paper with the thesis that humans under political organization can be prodded into doing some awful things. More specifically, you could travel across the US, polling each individual personally, and the vast majority … Continue reading

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Don’t Join the Herd

This isn’t really new, but it is a very eloquent explanation of what we always knew. In essence, the cross contamination between government and Big Tech is painfully obvious. Moreover, we have a clear declaration that the whole objective of … Continue reading

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HP Printers Spying on You

If you have a recent vintage HP printer, this might be worth your time. The short version is this: If you allow Win10 to download and install the HP printer app from the app store, you will by default agree … Continue reading

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