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Know Your Tribe

Know your tribe; put their needs first. This is fundamental to how reality works, how Creation was designed. We’ve covered some of this before. There are fundamental principles of Biblical Law that we strive to put into words to manifest … Continue reading

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Society Is Not My Problem

I love people; I don’t care about society. Yes, I understand the part that civilization plays in this world. It’s closely related to the word “civility” — a system of customary behavior that allows people to live together in close … Continue reading

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Obey or Be Damned

Biblical Law is not that hard. There’s a vast wealth of academic material well within the reach of average intellects to explain how to understand the Hebrew point of view that God promotes in the Scripture. God is hidden only … Continue reading

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Finding the Way

I’ve gotten some questions about a few things that, to me, are related, so maybe I can answer them all at once. Radix Fidem assumes a thoroughly different concept of what “Christian” means. The word itself refers to those who … Continue reading

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The Storm Shelter

Take this as a status report; this is where things are for me. The foundation is obvious by now: We want to see people ditching the Western mindset and embracing the Hebrew orientation. God designed us to operate by faith. … Continue reading

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Woe to the Blasphemers

God acts more quickly and more forcefully against blasphemy of His name than almost any other sin humans commit. You can get that from 2 Kings 19, where the primary issue is that Sennacherib and his crew blasphemed Jehovah, within … Continue reading

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No Covenant, No Covering

One more time: The Lord offers no covering or blessings on this earth outside of His covenants. Think through the implications of this. First, there is the matter of what those covenants say to us about our conduct. All of … Continue reading

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A Ways to Go Yet

I’ve been asked: What would it take for a right-wing backlash to become “God’s work”? Simple — They need to be under a duly formed government. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, given our context. You might expect … Continue reading

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You Are Doing It Wrong

A little more social science… It is utterly impossible for a congregation of several hundred or more to worship together without squelching the blessings and opportunities of the majority of people there. I have run into this time and time … Continue reading

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God Will See to It

One of the covenant names for God is “Jehovah-Jireh” — literally, “God will see to it” in the sense of provision for what He has called us to do. And in typical Hebrew ambiguity, it also implies that you will … Continue reading

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