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Can’t Take Your Soul

The voices in my head won’t shut up. Today they keep talking about how the COVID relief package is a perfect manifestation of the elite intent to enslave us all. Think about it for a moment. The election debacle should … Continue reading

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The Madman Hat

I’m not much for selfies, but this one amused me. I caught myself in the reflection of our defunct Sears store window. It’s demise was not simply a bad business plan. Lots of currently operating stores are run even worse … Continue reading

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Not the Last Tower of Babel

Just a point of clarification, and a reminder: the globalists are not all one thing. It’s an idolatrous cult, but not everyone is serving purposefully in the same temple, as a single cult. Rather, it’s an idolatry that’s as old … Continue reading

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Current News Review 13

The current panic about the corona virus spreading across China, and from there to the rest of the world, is manufactured. The health threat is real, but only because of the long term malnutrition arising from cultural blindness. A polluted … Continue reading

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Current News Review 12

This is just a side note: Iran is not an innocent victim in all of this sabre rattling. I’m not going to join the commentators who suggest that the whole problem is with the US bullying the world. But the … Continue reading

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All That Really Matters

I can recommend Brandon Smith’s Alt-Market site with some reservation. He has his facts all in order, and can explain what’s happening around us better than most you might read. Where I diverge from his narrative is the point of … Continue reading

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Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 13

There is one thing I can say in favor of Q’s troll army: For the most part, they understand that the whole point is not activism, but information. This is information warfare. Most of the active participants invest their efforts … Continue reading

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Political Cyber Warfare

Globalist idolatry is like a really huge beast: It’s not going to die quickly. I can’t offer a lot of concrete evidence. This is something that has been percolating all day in my soul — the golden age of the … Continue reading

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Free from Mammon, Free from Fear

The USA must turn inward and prepare to prosper with less trade. Economists are excellent at analyzing what happened historically; they are utterly abysmal at predicting future events. Their logic is relentlessly vacant of moral discernment. That is, they deny … Continue reading

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