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Welcome to the Persecution States of America

The voices inside my head… On the one hand, everything you hear from the MSM about what happened in Washington DC on January 6 is a lie. On the other hand, this tells us what the globalist government machinery will … Continue reading

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Flavors of Sheeple

I promised to turn this into a hobby blog, but I may have forgotten to mention that Social Sciences is one of my hobbies. It’s just the academic study of human nature. You probably know that the college coursework in … Continue reading

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Approaching the Nineveh Moment

As always, I’ll warn you that I could be just a madman, but this is an honest report of what believe. I can’t say whether Trump would actually declare martial law, but I do know that he would be a … Continue reading

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In the Cosmic Jail

Pay no attention to the propaganda until you start from the assumption that it’s propaganda. Back off; divest yourself of any interest in taking sides. When you operate from the divine moral plane using the moral logic of God’s character … Continue reading

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Booming, Buzzing Bullhorns

My mission is the message, not some bloody battle for ephemeral gains. Regular readers already know it. I do not support the recent government attempt to dispossess Bundy and his family and cattle. I do not support armed resistance against … Continue reading

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