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About That Heart-led Way Stuff…

I’ve been asked to review the meaning of “heart-led” in the context of this blog. A major element of the Radix Fidem covenant is bouncing off the prevailing American culture and mainstream Christian religion, showing how they are wrong. Thus, … Continue reading

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Long and Frequent

Frightening truth: Even if you do what’s right without Christ, nothing is accounted in your favor before the Lord. It’s not what you do; it’s always a matter of who is your Lord. Once He is your Lord, then we … Continue reading

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Churchian Talmud

There is a churchian version of the Talmud. It is a very large body of traditions arising over Scripture that are not part of Scripture. What most church folks fail to realize is that the Judaizers largely succeeded in their … Continue reading

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Galen on Christians

Just rattling my own cage here… I spotted an article this morning by Bionic Mosquito on Early Church History. He points out that we can learn a little about how Roman intelligentsia viewed Christian faith and its Hebrew roots from … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 1

Once more the mad prophet gibbers and jabbers, rattling his chains and scrawling on the walls of his prison cell. Trying to explain some of this stuff is what drives me nuts. I’m compelled to use a language that is … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Make Sense of It

In the coming days, some of us will face jolting moral quandaries. A couple of days ago, Mr. T mentioned the Trolley Problem, a popular test of ethics. I’m not going to spoon-feed any answers to you; what matters is … Continue reading

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Talking Past Each Other 2

(The previous post by the same title is about computer stuff, but the principles are similar.) You cannot prove God exists, and they cannot prove He doesn’t. We who are spiritual are aliens to those who aren’t spiritual. They live … Continue reading

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ACBM: Part 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 — Judaizers and the Early Church The Hellenized rabbis were not done after the Crucifixion. Taking seriously the claim that Christianity was the logical and historical extension of Moses, they sought to bring all Christians back under proper … Continue reading

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Untangling Activist Logic

Activist logic does not even qualify as decent Aristotelian logic. In order to reject the primacy of Aristotelian epistemology, I first had to understand it to some degree. This didn’t come as some dreamy longing for swords and sorcery. It … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Solomon

Spoiler alert: I’m going to explain how the book of Ecclesiastes turns out, while our weekly study will continue running for a couple of months. First, a little context. Solomon took the throne rather like a big fish in a … Continue reading

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