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Defining Moral Nobility

Western fiction is larded with a common device that always seems to perk the readers’ curiosity: the secret order of people who run things. Isn’t it funny how fiction is so close to your common conspiracy theory? But then, in … Continue reading

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Covenant Challenge

We need a covenant society. I’ve run into miscommunication with most Christians I encounter. They are often inspired by the call to moral purity, and quite earnestly believe what Christ proclaims. And I’m not sure I can blame them too … Continue reading

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Serving No Human Interest

The neocons overlap significantly with evangelical Zionist voters and influencers. Trump was catering to this audience when he ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani. He flat out lied about plans to attack American forces; the Iranians have been very … Continue reading

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Galen on Christians

Just rattling my own cage here… I spotted an article this morning by Bionic Mosquito on Early Church History. He points out that we can learn a little about how Roman intelligentsia viewed Christian faith and its Hebrew roots from … Continue reading

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Trees in the Forest

Nimrod was relatively open and honest about his plans in Babylon. That’s the way it was with the ancients; they seldom saw a need to hide their strategy, only some tactics along the way. And why not? The “little people” … Continue reading

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Covenant Limitations

Let me share a few notes on Biblical Law. The fundamental frame of reference is both Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) feudalism and covenants. In most biblical references, “law” is simply a bad translation for words that indicate “covenant.” The meaning … Continue reading

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How Divine Truth Works

God does not punish people; He punishes sin. People get hit with wrath because they are clinging to the sin He punishes. This is why it looks random to so many Westerners, because they simply cannot grasp the notion of … Continue reading

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