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A Full-Blown Apocalypse

Yes, we are facing a full-blown apocalypse. It has to come from God. Even if we could sit down and talk face to face, there is no way I can make you see what I see right now. The fire … Continue reading

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Why There Is No Valid Orthodoxy

Everything held forth as “Christian orthodoxy” is a lie. God revealed Himself. The context of that revelation was the ancient Hebrew culture, which includes the language and the intellectual traditions behind that language. Not the Hebrew language as a vehicle … Continue reading

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Woe to the Blasphemers

God acts more quickly and more forcefully against blasphemy of His name than almost any other sin humans commit. You can get that from 2 Kings 19, where the primary issue is that Sennacherib and his crew blasphemed Jehovah, within … Continue reading

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Tribulation: Just the Warm-up So Far

If you were to spend some time reading and analyzing the royal and imperial records associated with Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) rulers, you would begin to see a pattern emerge. The level of wisdom these men held is seldom matched … Continue reading

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For Those Unable to Think Subtly…

Offline comments suggest that some are incapable of reading between the lines, or reading into the context of this blog, on my previous post. Let me break it down for those of you who didn’t actually achieve a high school … Continue reading

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The West Is Inherently Evil

Just a reminder: Feminism is built into Western Civilization. If you are familiar with the Men’s Red-Pill movement online, you will get a belly full of complaints about feminism, as if it were somehow a perversion of “Western Christianity.” That’s … Continue reading

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Covenants 02

All covenants presume a heart-led awareness. They are also fundamentally feudal in nature. Western minds reject feudalism. But then, the roots of Western Civilization brought forth a very materialistic feudalism that is definitely an abomination to God. It was based … Continue reading

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Covenants 01

On the one hand, the Lord called me to pickle myself in the intellectual background of the Ancient Near East (ANE) in order to understand His Word. On the other hand, I’m still supposed to share what I understand with … Continue reading

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Long and Frequent

Frightening truth: Even if you do what’s right without Christ, nothing is accounted in your favor before the Lord. It’s not what you do; it’s always a matter of who is your Lord. Once He is your Lord, then we … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Is Not a Religion

The Lord has called me as an elder. That means I seek to help my family of faith to follow Christ. My family uses the nickname Radix Fidem as a label for our shared identity. This is my so-called “milk … Continue reading

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