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Snakes in the Grass — Followup

If you took the time to read that long MintPress report linked in yesterday’s post, you may still be struggling to absorb the whole thing. I wouldn’t blame you. Had I not already brushed up against some of this, I’m … Continue reading

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Administrivia: New Phone

This is just an FYI. I ordered a nearly new but used Android phone on eBay from another customer using the same provider. Thus, the phone easily activated in my name and is quite usable. I’ve linked it to my … Continue reading

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Android Review

Android devices are not real computers. I’ve been using a Dell Venue 7 for a few weeks now, and it sucks. Granted, it does what it was designed to do. That is, Google intentionally crippled it because it caters to … Continue reading

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More clowning for you. I’m not the sharpest guy. At least, not in the sense of being really quick. Sometimes my creativity will make it seem so, but I’m really not that fast. The honest truth is, if I haven’t … Continue reading

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Another Year Already?

No resolutions, no predictions — it’s not my style and certainly not my calling. But there are changes, little things. I packed up my desktop and gave it to my brother. I’m using my laptop. I put it on the … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2014

I’m off in my own little world today. Not that I can’t stop and take a moment to chat, but don’t expect serious stuff. So I’ve replaced three of the four motor mounts on our used Volvo and it’s as … Continue reading

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