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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 22:15-22

Taxation in cash, goods or labor is a common duty of humanity in this world. There are some who theorize that it amounts to theft, but the Bible presumes feudal obligations. Everyone serves someone, and taxation itself is not evil. … Continue reading

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Reviewing Daniel’s Statue

Review the prophet’s vision of the statue in Daniel 2. As with any proper parable, the image has meaning that branches out into all directions. It bears applications of divine wisdom to far more than one element in human existence, … Continue reading

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Artificial Government

A man can learn and decide to cut his losses. A bureaucracy is incapable of learning because it has no mind, only an instinct like cancer to survive and grow. It is unable to imagine cutting losses and moving on … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 1

Hebrew Outlook On the one hand, we need very much to correct the Western assumptions. Even very scholarly Christians tend to operate from perverted Western notions without giving it much thought. We can call them “perverted” because they are entirely … Continue reading

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