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Getting Lost on the Road

How did a Gentile become a part of Israel? It was all a matter of the Covenant. Anyone who was willing to embrace the covenant in full could become a part of Israel, and it had nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Bible Linguistics

I stayed up way too late reading this stuff. Abraham is considered the founder and progenitor faith covenants. It is bluntly stated in the New Testament that we who embrace Christ are also true spiritual descendants of Abraham (see Galatians … Continue reading

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God’s Truth Never Changes

If you have a short attention span, this is too long; don’t read it (TL;DR). Sometimes it takes a bit of verbal struggle to gather loose ends. This post offers little that’s new in content. It’s just a refresh of … Continue reading

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Reviewing Darkness 01

Let’s take a fresh look at the Dark Side, shall we? Take a moment to refocus your awareness in your heart-mind. Get a good grip on the moral anchorage of your convictions, because we need to face some stormy truth. … Continue reading

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Closer Is Better

Here at Kiln of the Soul virtual parish, there are several things your pastor emphasizes. I start from the position that God has called me. Then I lay out the things He has called me to share. You are quite … Continue reading

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Catacomb Chrisitianity

The unique volcanic soil on which Rome was built remains soft and easy to dig until exposed to air, then it hardens into a solid structure. We keep finding new warrens under Rome, typically segregated by religious traditions so that … Continue reading

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Shepherd Instinct 3

Let’s move this to a practical exercise. The shepherd instinct is fundamentally embracing the calling God has placed on manhood itself. Learning about it requires deconstructing everything that perverts it. As my regular readers know, this sort of deep discernment … Continue reading

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Sneaking Back into Eden

The Bible portrays most human sin as various attempts to sneak past the Flaming Sword back into the Garden of Eden. It’s not possible to describe life before the Fall. What we have are characterizations and Hebrew parabolic language in … Continue reading

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Job 3

It’s too easy to summarize the meaning of Job’s speech: He’s depressed. There is nothing to suggest moral failure. Some folks have come to visit Job in his distress and he’s about as entertaining as he can be, with truly … Continue reading

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Quantum Reality

Maybe you’ve heard of quantum computing. Maybe you know it has to do with being able to process exponentially faster than current binary digital systems. It has to do with giving a computer the ability to do multiple tasks at … Continue reading

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