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Mourn and Move on

Let me gore some sacred cows. Hitler was evil. He wasn’t Satan incarnate, but he was evil. His sin was rejecting the Covenant of God; nothing else he did matters. Thus, he chose to do things based on human reasoning … Continue reading

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Our World Is Accursed

Let the record show: I trust my convictions over my five senses, and over the full gamut of reasoning about so-called objective reality. I could care less what the whole world says; my convictions come from God and He’s the … Continue reading

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Ordered to March

To the best of my understanding, globalism is anti-constitutional. Not just “unconstitutional” but a direct attack on what the Constitution means. The same is true of BLM and Antifa. Both of them are an acknowledged rejection of basic constitutional theory. … Continue reading

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The USA under God’s Wrath

God is always at work. We engage our moral and spiritual discernment to see where His hand is working and seek to get involved, to exploit the situation to shine the light of our shalom to the fallen world. We … Continue reading

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Stand Ready to See His Hand at Work

We cannot judge things by any human standard. We must view reality from the biblical perspective, the revelation of our Creator. Scripture skips over an awful lot of concurrent human history to point out the slender thread of revelation. Some … Continue reading

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An Elaborate Facade

Socialism (and/or communism) seeks to secure the material blessings of tribal living, but without the deep moral commitments necessary to make it all work. Granted, you can still have a tribal society with the same corruption and oppression that we … Continue reading

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The Mechanism We Have in Our Hands

It doesn’t require a prophet’s vision to see that America is doomed. What does it take to build an empire and keep it together? The empire must have an identity that makes the conquering forces proud. That identity must bring … Continue reading

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We Are Babylon

Tomorrow’s election will change nothing. Just a reminder, the issue behind whatever folks mean by the word “racism” isn’t really a matter of DNA. Whatever human hostility is there arises from cultural differences. The differences in daily expectations we all … Continue reading

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My Mission

I’m a prophet to America. For the longest time I suffered under the delusion that I was training for pastoral ministry, but I was actually a missionary among my own kind. Back when I served in the US military, I … Continue reading

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A Piece of Jeremiah

I’m not in the least trying to be elitist, but precious few are the folks who catch on to what I’m doing on this blog. Jeremiah wrote in his prophecies how few were his friends at the end of the … Continue reading

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